We have decided to write this post about travel photography. Maybe you also love travel photography and do not have the time or money to train with courses. If so, we hope this article is useful. This post will give you a motivational kick to start capturing everything around you in the camera lenses.

Get a good camera

An indispensable element to make good photographs is to have a decent camera. You do not have to mortgage to buy a super shrimp that you do not even know how it works. In fact, we think that if you have little knowledge, it is counterproductive to buy a camera. If the camera is very complex, it will be easy to get discouraged and throw in the towel.

Therefore, a good digital SLR camera is an important investment. At least $500, if you buy a package, a little less if it is second-hand. But, if you take care of it you can last many years, so you will amortize that investment.

Forget manual mode

It is worthwhile complicating life for several reasons. This is to understand our camera, to learn some photography and, of course, to take better pictures. We suggest practicing more and more. There is a lot of tutorials on YouTube. Most of them are free, tremendously useful and specific for certain cameras. So, we recommend you soak in them.

Start practicing at home and then in some outdoor environment. For instance, a park (flowers are the perfect muses to learn, do not blink!). Also, try different lighting conditions. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the settings of your specific camera.

Fall in love with the little details

Most people have an absolute weakness for the little details. Really, it’s like a fetish. The smaller, rugged, colorful or strange what you are going to photograph, the closer and closer you want to capture it. Maybe, it’s a professional deformation. So many years between microscopes end up making one want to magnify the “insignificant.”

We sincerely believe that a good image of secondary details can be visually very attractive, it draws attention. We are not talking about zooming, but focusing on that tiny thing that has caught your attention.

With all this, we do not encourage you just to photograph “great details.” The primary focus is to delve into macro photography. Although, the truth is that, we do not use any specific objective for it. So, being lax, you could say that it is macro photography of walking around the house. In any case, you get original photos.

Look for the authenticity

Travel photography gives us billions of opportunities to unleash our creativity. If we only dedicate ourselves to capture the typical image of a monument or place, we will create a nice album of travel memories.

Try to capture that which catches your attention. The moments that transmit something to you, look for a different approach, give a personal touch to your photographs. Local people and their daily activities are a great way to make a different and unique travel photograph

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