Broken luggage and lost suitcases are, unfortunately, a common problem in travel. However, there are some precautions you can take to avoid these uncomfortable situations.

Padlock TSA

TSA (Transportation Security Administration): It is an American agency responsible for the safety of flights in the United States. This has a stamp for their locks approved by the agency. It happens that the TSA is authorized to open the padlocks when you travel to the USA. Having a TSA lock is almost as important as meeting the permitted sizes for carry-on baggage. We recommend using a TSA lock that can cost from $10.

Seal Bag

The Seal Bag is a ribbon that you can place next to your padlock in the suitcase to make it even safer. This avoids the well-known “Cesarean Blow” – which allows you to open your insured luggage with just a pen/pencil.

A kit with 10 ribbons costs around $15. The Seal Bag has a special closure, and can only be opened if the owner cuts the security thread. If this does not arrive with your suitcase to the destination, your luggage was probably opened. It secures both your carry-on baggage and your hold baggage.

Baggage Tag

It is a super simple accessory, which will not prevent your luggage from opening. Also, it helps with your identification and your suitcase. Various stores sell custom tag models with prices starting at $3.

The best thing about this accessory is that it helps you identify your luggage when there are many similar ones in the conveyor belts or even in the detours of luggage or thefts at the airport. They facilitate the quick identification of your luggage and help prevent someone else from taking your bag without realizing it.

Baggage Layer

Just like tags, layers of luggage are important for travelers to quickly identify their luggage. So, you have the best baggage backpack. Sometimes, you can confuse them in the conveyor belts of airports depending on the format and color. If you have one of those generic backpacks, it is advisable to customize it a bit with these layers. You can find different brands and prices on the internet at prices from $10.


If you want to know where your luggage is exactly and at every moment, the ideal is to use the TrakDot. This is a small device integrated with GPS that sends to your cell phone, in real time, the luggage location. It works with batteries and is very easy to use.

Just place it inside your luggage, activate it and go. It goes off automatically when the plane takes off and is activated again when landing. When this happens, it sends by SMS or emails an alert noting that your luggage is at the destination. In case you get lost, for example, you will know which airport your suitcase went to. The device costs about $100.

How much do the accessories cost to protect your luggage?

Following is the list of items to give you an idea and include it in your travel budget.

Accessory Price
Padlock TSA USD $10
Seal Bag USD $15
Baggage Tag USD $3
Baggage Layer USD $10
TrakDot USD $100

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