The bookstores can be so exciting and beautiful that they can become tourist attractions. Do not miss this list with some of the most impressive in the world.

The Bookworm – Beijing (China)

Located in the center of Beijing, The Bookworm visually enchants by the typical Chinese lamps and cozy decoration. In the bookshop, which hosts art events and organizes a literary festival. There are a bustling bar and restaurant serving coffee, drinks, and fine dishes of Chinese and Western styles.

Stanfords – London (England)

Dedicated to the world of travelers and open since 1853. The London-based Stanfords sells books and travel guides as well as balloons, suitcases, backpacks, and various trinkets perfect for travelers. The wide space and the predominance of warm colors make the atmosphere welcoming and instigating.

Plural Bookshop – Bratislava (Slovakia)

With a design based on the simplicity of the clear wood of the floor and the white shelves, the Slovak Plural Bookshop pleases lovers of a simpler style. It is organized around a huge staircase that also serves as shelves and benches, presents a bar in the middle of books and promotes various cultural events.

Atlantis Books – Santorini (Greece)

The standard of white houses with blue details is the best attraction that takes millions of tourists to visit Santorini. Atlantis Books, located on this beautiful Greek island, mixes that style with shelves crammed with books. The balcony, overlooking the Aegean Sea, is perfect for an incomparable reading before purchase.

Shakespeare & Co – Paris (France)

Shelled walls, stacked books, small space, and little light. These are features, which were seen in an unprofessional way in other bookstores. So, these are some of the reasons that make Shakespeare & Co a tourist spot in Paris. The library is almost 100 years old. It opened in 1919. Also, its historical importance also extends to the famous ex-clients: writers like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and James Joyce.

Lello – Porto (Portugal)

Inaugurated in 1906! The Lello Bookshop is housed in a strange art nouveau style construction. It inspired JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. The suspended stairs, the red velvet, the rounded shapes and the arabesques on the ceiling create a truly unique vision. As a tourist attraction, the bookshop charges $5 entry, but the value can be deducted in purchases.

The Last Bookstore – Los Angeles (USA)

A tunnel composed of books is probably the dream of many fans of reading the world. In The Last Bookstore, this structure exists, as well as other creative ways of using copies of books in decoration. The bookstore offers used and new books and is an advocate of the printed book and independent bookstores.

The Pendulum – Mexico City (Mexico)

The Pendulum opened its doors in 1993 and it delights with the visual that mixes the wood of the shelves and the coloring of the books. In addition to the design and its cafeteria, the bookstore distinguishes itself by receiving innumerable performances and artistic activities. The architecture and design give even the smallest details.

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