Do you want to escape to romantic France? Who does not, right? We have the guide of the 3 cities of France that will captivate you. In this article, we will tell you the best and most captivating cities in France. You can go there anytime with your friends and family to relish your tourism experience.


The light city, the one that nobody wants to lose, the dream of so many people in the world. Paris means many things. It is a city of romanticism. If you go as a couple, nothing better than giving that gift to your other half.

If the plan is with friends, it is perfect too. In Paris, you can have a delicious meal anyway. And if you go alone, you can take your time and decide where you want to go without second opinions.

Whatever the plan, these are the places you cannot miss: the visit to the Eiffel Tower day and night, the Louvre Museum, and the Arc de Triomphe will surprise you.  Do not forget to take a good picture there. There are also the Champs Elysees. Go to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. If you are traveling with family, take your kids to the Paris Disneyland.

Finally, we recommend that you take a little time to enjoy a good restaurant, a good dinner is worth it.


The third most populated city in the country and one of the most beautiful cities in France. Lyon is a mixture of medieval and Renaissance architecture in the center of the city. It’s Roman past and its financial prosperity stand out thanks to the monopoly of silk and the textile industry.

This is what you cannot miss in Lyon: Fourvière, a neighborhood where you find several Roman ruins. Its architecture is medieval and Renaissance. We recommend you to go through Saint-Jean Street and visit the Saint Georges district and its church.

It is a neighborhood of artisans. Presque-isle, an island where you can find the town hall, the Opera building, and other emblematic buildings. Also the area of Croix-Rousse and the La Part-Dieu where you will find shops, restaurants and shopping centers.


Located on the coast of Baie des Anges. This was a city founded by the Greeks and became the retreat center for the European elite. The capital of the blue coast has not ceased to be the center of attention for tourists.

Anyone who goes to France and wants to know the place that Henri Matisse called home without having been born there. Nice is a paradise that has a lot of Italian flairs, without ever becoming one.

It is a mixture between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. The weather is wonderful and its landscapes of dreams. Nothing else you can ask for life, but sit and appreciate the blue of the sea of its beaches. Nice is a culturally active city, there are always events, concerts, leisure activities, and exquisite cuisine.

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