Visiting Canada alone or in the company will always be the best plan. And you’re wondering where to eat rich in Quebec, sure this guide will be very helpful. Quebec is nature, culture, French, history, and tradition. Their cities are very attractive and always have events and news. Its villages, with traditions and picturesque places to visit. The region has so many adventure and sports activities, make it a great destination to vacation at any time of the year.

The province of Quebec, east of Canada, has forged a unique identity. You can reflect it in its flavors, which are always fresh, authentic and with European influences. In addition, Quebecers are people who like good food, take the time to taste and appreciate every bite.

Where to eat cheap in Quebec

Quebec cuisine uses mainly local products. So, the dishes you can try will depend on the region where you are. Charlevoix, with its products of the sea, duck, chocolates, craft beer and vegetables. Eastern Townships is famous for its good wines and fruits. Central Quebec, with maple, vegetables, and cheeses! And the big cities, which have excellent chefs and restaurants of all kinds of cuisine.

On the other hand, public markets, like all of Canada, are much more than a place to buy food. They are a great source of inspiration for lovers of gastronomy, a magnificent environment to get to know the province. There are also gourmet routes and culinary events in each region. They have to do with wines, craft beer, ice cider, agricultural products, meats, and cheeses.

Where to eat Poutine in Quebec

Among so many dishes, there is one that clearly identifies with Quebec, the Poutine. French fries and pieces of cheese, bathed in warm gravy. It seems very simple, but it has its science to prepare it perfectly. A dish that is ideal for winter, but you can find all year round in many establishments. It has its own event (Festival de la Poutine) every August in Drummondville.

Maple syrup in Quebec

A good mention here is the Maple Syrup. It is the typical flavor of all Canada. This country is responsible for producing 78% of the maple syrup consumed worldwide. And 90% of it, comes precisely from Quebec, which meant the manufacture of 51 million liters in 2018.

Undoubtedly, Quebec is one of the most important culinary destinations in the world. Much of its success is due to multiculturalism and its fresh products. Without leaving aside the creativity of their cooks.

If we talk about the culinary proposals of its two main cities, Montreal and Quebec, we can find a difference. While Quebec City is famous for its gastronomy based on its rich history, Montreal offers a cosmopolitan style.

In fact, Montreal has one of the largest winter festivals in the world, where gastronomy plays a very important role. Through a unique program combining the scenic arts, gastronomy, and outdoor family activities. Montréal en lumière is held every year between February and March.

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