Do you like Food Streets? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you about the cities that offer the best street food in the world.

Vietnamese Street Food

The exceptional Vietnamese street food is perhaps one of the best reasons to visit this Southeast Asian country. There, the fusion food in the streets of almost all its cities. It is mixed with the most traditional and delicious culinary traditions of the minorities that swarm in Vietnam.

Best street dishes: Bun Rieu (traditional noodle soup with beef in spicy crab stock) of the most typical of Hanoi. Try the classic Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim, (roast pork with rice pasta) accompanied by crab rolls.

Street Food in Japan

Traveling to Japan is definitely one of the best experiences in all of Asia. Landing in Tokyo is amazing only from the airport. Among the colossal buildings of the city center, it is very easy to come across small bars.

You can also visit a couple of seats where they serve the best of culture in Japan. If you go deeper into the neighborhoods, you will be very lucky! Here, you will see the little stalls with their typical stoves full of exquisite street gastronomy.

Do not miss the famous Gyozas, cooked and roasted in the pan on one side. In Shinjuku and Shibuya, it will be very easy to try the famous roasted pork heart skewers in street stalls. If you visit Japan in the summer, you will come across traditional carts selling snowflakes with syrup. Delicious and refreshing!

Street Food of India

Disembark in India is to bump into a lot of colors-literally-for a few cents. In the Mumbai trolleys, for example, you can experience the best of the skewers of an unimaginable amount of vegetables.

Be very cautious and avoid sauces and garnishes. Most often, they are made with water that can be non-potable. So, you will end up having a very bad time.

In Mumbai, do not miss the typical bhelpuri. It is a mixture of puffed and crispy rice, topped with potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, and soaked in tamarind chutneys.

Street Food in Portland, Oregon

Eating on the street in the United States has never been so popular thanks to the famous Food Trucks, mainly in Portland. These have become a tradition and the relationship that they have built with their thousands of followers on Instagram. They advertise its routes and promotions and are followed by multitudinous rows of hungry visitors.

Food trucks from Portland to San Diego have internationally renowned teachers who fearlessly turn into sellers of traveling treats. And there is everything from fusion hot dogs, Arabic, Thai to American food as walking barbecues.

Street Food in Istanbul

The street food of Turkey is safe to eat and very cheap in relation to the rest of Eurasia. From fresh bread to mussels seasoned with lemon, the variety of Turkish delights will surely fascinate you.

Every Sunday in the market of Ortakoy, you can try the typical Turpin. It is the Turkish version of the baked potatoes that can be filled with an infinite number of ingredients. The best thing about Turpin is the price. You can experience these delights for less than 3 dollars.

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