Located near the east coast of Ireland, Dublin is the perfect destination for travelers who love historical buildings, cultural spaces and nightlife. The city is divided by the Liffey River and the south side of the river houses its main tourist spots. This is all you cannot miss in your visit to Ireland!

Dublin’s Castle

A few blocks from the bridge over the River Liffey, Dublin Castle the main tourist attractions of the city. Its construction dates back to the 13th century and since then, space has been used for various functions. It was a fortress, prison, treasure house, and the seat of the English administration.

All these years of history are visible in the different architectural styles that make up the building. Today, in addition to being the setting for presidential dinners and government events, it is open to the public.

During the visit, it is possible to know its halls, museums, gardens, and coffee. It opens every day of the week and the entrance costs around $10. The entrance, without a guide, costs 7 dollars for adults. The guided tour lasts approximately one hour.

Before or after the walk, take the opportunity to explore the surroundings of the castle. In addition to the beautiful gardens, cafes, and restaurants, next to the side is the Chester Beatty library, where art exhibitions are held frequently. On the top floor of the library, there is a small terrace where you can see part of the city. And all that without paying anything!

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

The imposing Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is almost next to the Castle of Dublin. The walk between one point and another is 5 minutes facilitating the visit of the places on the same day.

Installed in a medieval building, it is one of the oldest Protestant cathedrals in the Irish capital. The work began in 1172 and was completed only a century later. What differentiates it from the other churches and religious temples that receive visitors is its immense crypt. There are exhibitions and a café there.

In the construction, there is a small bridge that connects the cathedral to another interesting attraction in Dublin. Also, there is a museum that tells the story of the Irish Vikings. Easy access also allows a visit to both places on the same day.

Irish Whiskey Museum

Leaving Trinity College, a few blocks away and in the heart of Dublin, is the Irish Whiskey Museum. The place is open to the public and it is possible to consume the drinks right there in the bar. You don’t need to participate in the guided tour.

Moreover, the guided tours compensate for the value of the income. With a duration of one hour, allows visitors to know in depth the production of the drink, as well as its history and in the end, you can participate in a small tasting.

Tips for Visiting Dublin

It is necessary that you stay at least 4 days in Dublin. And the time of the stay only increases as you include more important tourist spots of the Irish capital. They are Phoenix Park, Powers court House, Farmleigh House, etc.

One tip, to save with the rides, since most have costs, is to purchase the Dublin Pass. There are different types of cards, guaranteeing free entry to more than 30 of the main tourist attractions. Lastly, it allows you to use the tourist bus as many times as you want.

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