Hostels are best places to stay if you travel as a backpacker, alone or have a limited budget. There are myths, doubts, and questions about the hostels. Why? Because there is a belief that they are horrible or very dirty places. You sleep next to a stranger and you have to carry your blankets. Likewise, there is an endless number of theories.

Confused? Don’t worry! We give you all the necessary information about this type of accommodation that is around the world.

The hostels have strategic locations

You will find hostels in the most visited cities and even in small towns. The locations of the hostels vary greatly according to the city. Many hostels have strategic locations. For instance, in Paris, you will find some very close to Montmartre. In Athens, you will find hostels less than 10 minutes walking from the Acropolis. Also, in Berlin, they are a few blocks from Alexanderplatz.

The prices can vary the type of room and season in traveling. There are excellent options for all budgets. Keep in mind that sometimes you have to pay a little more for a hostel that is in the center of the city. This way, you will not pay so much in public transport and you will be able to move on foot.

The designs are peculiar, fun and innovative

A totally false myth about the hostels is that they are horrible. Hostels look for travelers to have a unique experience, from arrival to departure. The designs of the hostels can be impressive and very peculiar. You will be impressed by how nice a hostel can be. In this type of accommodation, you can experience some adventure. For example, from sleeping in a caravan in Amsterdam or even in a space capsule in the Airport of Miami.

The hostels can be accommodated according to your needs. Not only do you have to be in your bedroom. There are different common areas, where you can work, read, watch a movie, some have bars and even clubs.

How are the bedrooms?

Probably one of the biggest questions and doubts of a hostel are the bedrooms. The dormitories of the hostels can be feminine, masculine and mixed. Each place has its own rules. In some hostels, there are no mixed dormitories.

The capacity of each bedroom is 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and up to 16 people. The beds are always accommodated by bunk beds so you will have to sleep at the top or bottom. In all, there are lockers so you can store your luggage and valuables. Always bring a padlock with you to secure your things.

They have a kitchen so you can save money

In a hostel, you can cook, this will save you a lot of money. You do not need to buy oil or condiments. There are many travelers, so you will see how on the shelf or compartments of the hostel are these ingredients and even more.

This happens because travelers do not need to carry a bottle of oil throughout their trip. If you buy something and do not finish it, donating it and leaving it at the hostel is a great help for the next travelers.

In some hostels, they have small restaurants and cafes where you can eat. Their prices are usually a little lower, but sometimes the options are limited. Always in the hostel will vary their types of services.

Hostels organize parties, tours, and activities

To improve your experience as a traveler, in the hostels they make events, coexistence with games and even parties. You can meet travelers as well.  They are ideal if you travel alone or with friends and want to meet new people. Even meeting people can help you give some tips and get recommendations.

There are also morning activities such as yoga or meditation. Everything will depend on the type of hostel you have chosen. Sometimes it is better to book a tour, a tourist attraction because they are usually cheaper.

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