Why should you travel to Israel? The country will surprise you with its attractions beyond a destination of religious tourism. So, how to get to Israel? There are three airports to which you must arrive if you are planning a trip to Israel. They are Tel Aviv, Eilat, and Ben Gurion in Jerusalem.

The prices of a round trip to Israel range between $350 and $400 depending on the season in which you make your trip. It likewise depends on the anticipation with which you book your plane ticket.

Take into account that some countries do not have a direct flight to Israel. So, you will have to make a stopover in some intermediate destination.

Let us now tell you the four best places to visit in Israel!

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a great cosmopolitan city, young and modern. To discover its architectural side, we recommend you to start exploring the streets of the also known “White City” due to the diversity of Bauhaus style buildings.

Tip: the city of Tel Aviv organizes free tours!

Walk through the neighborhood of Rothschild and take a seat at one of its restaurants for brunch. If you are looking for typical crafts, go to Neve Tzedek. It is an area of art galleries and pretty cool clothing stores. The promenade is a must and its beaches are ideal for water sports and sunbathing in the Mediterranean.


Jerusalem is simply amazing because there converge three of the religions with more followers: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Many times, you will get to notice the surrealism of the environment. You will watch the scene of the Wailing Wall in the distance and hear the Muslim prayer call. Likewise, the bells of the churches surround the city sound incessantly.

To discover it, there is no better way than walking and getting lost among its streets, from its old area. Enter the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and climb the Mount of Olives. A visit to the Esplanade of the Mosques to observe the Dome of the Rock is recommended. Moreover, take a look at the market Mahane Yehuda.


This citadel is located on a plateau in the Judean desert and one of the most imposing attractions that you will find there are its incredible views towards the Dead Sea. In addition, the Jews took refuge in this place after the destruction of Jerusalem. The remains have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Dead Sea

You just have to put on your swimsuit and prepare to live one of the most amazing experiences of life. Float effortlessly in the Dead Sea! It is the lowest point of the entire planet because it is more than 420 meters below the Mediterranean level. In addition, it is the area with the highest barometric pressure in the world. There is 10% more oxygen than normal.

Key Takeaways

  • In Israel, the Sundays are working days since the week runs from Sunday to Thursday.
  • The dress code is generally informal. However, if you visit religious sites or ultra-orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem, you should dress modestly.
  • To say hello and goodbye the correct expression is “Shalom,” which means peace.

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