Packing suitcases are one of the most unwanted moments of the trip, not counting the return. However, if you are well prepared, you can make the most of your trip.

Make a list

It may seem unnecessary, but for more memory, you have a list that reminds you what to take for your trip. Many times, we cannot put things in the suitcase, and if we leave for later, we usually forget. For that kind of occasions, it is necessary to have the list.

If you travel with children, you have an independent list for your needs. With that, you do not turn things around and it is easier to track what is missing in each suitcase.

Choose the type of suitcase you need

Depending on the type of trip you are going to make, you should choose the suitcase well. For example, how big, the material, with or without compartments. In short, it is not that complicated. Match the type of suitcase you can organize your things better. Do not let yourself be carried away by how beautiful it looks but by how useful it will be.

If you have gone for the nice suitcase, we recommend that you wrap it in the plastic paper. Before delivering it to the airline, do not think that they will take care of you as you would. If it is a large suitcase, try to put the heavy things in the background.

However, if it is something delicate, we recommend you take it in your hand luggage. It is worth checking with the airline the demands they have regarding luggage. Especially, in terms of weight and measures. With that, you will be safe and you will not have any problem when passing it through the scale. Do not forget to mark your suitcase.

Preparing the clothes

It’s nothing new, but we remind you, rolling up your clothes will save you space in your suitcase. Make rolls with your pants and shirts. In this way, everything will be more compressed, ordered and wrinkle less. Likewise, if you wear very delicate clothes that wrinkles easily, you can pack it first in a bag. Then, fold or roll it up, the plastic will prevent it from wrinkling so much.

Pack only what you need. On average, you will need 5 shirts and 3 pants for a 10-day stay.  You have your account and calculate the amount of clothes according to your stay. Moreover, remember that there is always the option to wash clothes. For instance, in hotels and even in local laundries.

If the idea is to carry little luggage, do not overlook this advice. If what you want is to go shopping or you think you will fill up with souvenirs and gifts for the return try to go very light. This way, you will not have to pay extra costs for weight, even add one more suitcase when you return. Lastly, a pair of jeans is always a good choice, since they come out with everything.

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