If you are one of those who feels that your skin suffers a lot while you are traveling, you are not alone. There are many women who suffer from skin syndrome battered during travel. So, we have some tips for you to show a radiant skin during your travel.

Care before Travel

It is very important that you always have good skin care. Intensify the efforts one day before you travel. Cleaning and hydration are the keys!

Keep in mind where you’re going. In this way, you know what products you should bring. It is not the same as going for cold and dry weather than for a wet place or the beach. The skin reacts to these sudden changes in climate.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind what creams you will need each time. Do not forget hats that will help protect you and have radiant skin.

During flight

The recommendation is that you put on as little makeup as possible. We know that you want to look good, but during the flight, the skin needs to breathe.  The excess of base and products can make you look tired and you will have the opposite effect.

The environment in the flight is very dry, so we suggest you drink plenty of water and keep the skin hydrated. Use your regular cream or some natural oil: jojoba, cocoa or argan. You can consult with your dermatologist. He will prescribe a good cream allowing you to have a balanced PH and look radiant skin during the trip.

Day by daycare

The climate of the place you go will be essential.  If the place is very hot and humid, the tip is to protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen. It would also be good if you let the makeup skin rest. Have a little concealer in the area you need it, but avoid the excess.

If it is cold or dry weather, the tip of the blocker also applies, and do not forget to take care of your lips. The cold will break them and you sure do not want them dry or rough. Therefore, apply a protective bar whenever you can.

Another detail that you cannot forget is to clean the skin before going to bed. No matter how tired you are, do not do that damage to your skin to sleep with makeup.  Clean it and apply a nourishing cream.

Once you arrive at your destination, organize your routine of care. With some tips, you can achieve radiant skin always as if you were at home. If the trip is for pleasure and you will spend a lot of time on the beach, we have already warned you about the application of sunscreen.

If you go to the beach, wash your face with fresh water when leaving to clean the salt. It dries the skin and hair a lot. Use the hat that we mentioned at the beginning of this article, also the sunglasses.

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