If your destination is international, there is no doubt! The plane is the best for transport. We have met some travelers who have taken a bus from the US to Canada. We do not want to imagine how tired they will get. But, if your destination is national, the first option in most travelers’ mind is always the bus.

There is no doubt that sometimes when your destination is very close to your home city renting a car or buying a bus ticket will be a very good idea. You definitely do not want to take a flight for a one-hour trip. However, thinking specifically about trips of more than 4 hours on land, will it be profitable to buy air travel?

To clear this doubt, here we will tell you several things to keep in mind and make the best decision. This way, you arrive, comfortable, fresh and above all without spending so much money towards your next destination.


Although at first sight, we could believe that traveling by bus is much cheaper. The reality is that with the arrival of low-cost airlines, prices have become much more accessible and competitive. The difference between both means of transport is very small. In addition, this has allowed many people who had not traveled by plane to do so for the first time and many travelers who take maximum care of the budget to fly to many more places.

Speed & Comfort

Choosing to fly before traveling by land will bring you closer to that place in less time. Let’s be honest, those hours heating the seat when traveling by bus they become insufferable when your destination is at 17 hours. Suffering and total discomfort. A plane trip will always be faster.

Air travel provides you comfort. Some bus lines have “categories” such as the executive and Business Class. If you buy a ticket there – which also represents a higher fare – this will not prevent the discomfort caused by the curves or the poor condition of the buses.

In addition, bus trips turn out to be longer. So, after a while, they become tedious and tired, especially for the back and lower back of the body.

Security & Attention on board

Yes, there are many people who are afraid to fly. However, various studies show that traveling by plane is much safer than any other land transport. We know that there will always be “panics” caused by turbulence. But, this is completely normal and does not put you at risk. Finally, you can avoid roadblocks, tollbooths and even a reckless driver.

Are you cold or thirsty? In an airplane, the crew will always be willing to tend you and solve all your demands on board. In contrast, in a bus you travel on your own and rarely the driver can respond to your requests.

The plane is a larger means of transport. It is much more likely that you will find a seat at the time and day you want. In the case of buses, it is very different. They fill up quickly and you will have to wait for the next available day or time.

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